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visit Ca Na Vietnam
Overall, Holy Temple was built in the shape of Long Ma that very majestic monk bows and mighty. The beauty of the Holy Temple is a harmonious combination of East and West architecture. Two belfry and drum located in the towering presence as the steeple of the church in the West. Four spiritual convergence and lotus appeared in all work items bearing the stamp of the spiritual culture of Vietnamese. When setting foot inside, visitors will be fascinated by the majesty and solemnity of domes and colonnades carved dragon subtle undulations. In the Holy Temple was always cool, even when the weather outside is over 36 degrees Celsius, by the architecture here take advantage of the light and natural air travelers should feel very comfortable when you walk in the house. Visitors wishing to learn about the Cao Dai, or are interested in this unique architecture, you can ask people who live date. These pious the faithful dressed in white robes perpetually in the Temple, willing and enthusiastic to answer travelers’ questions. Besides Holy Temple and Buddha Temple, tourists can visit dozens of other buildings nearby with hundreds of years. Visited the Holy Temple on the big occasion, especially the celebration of 9 January and August full moon lunar calendar, visitors will be living in the festive atmosphere, many people from areas. Holy Temple at night becomes sparkling, fanciful when his coat on the colored lights. Visitors of hotels-in-vietnam.com will have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful scenes along the coast, especially Ca Na – a romantic beach. Ca Na Beach about 3km in length, like a sickle shape, is situated in Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province, from Phan Rang town about 32km. At the turn of this poetic, railroad and Highway 1 meet together as an interesting date. Both routes are facing immense sea to catch the wind day inshore cage, back against the Ba Dien Mountain towering. Ca Na is a wonderful beach, thanks to the blue sea, white sand, cliffs, mountains, water level is not deep. The most interesting thing is the big rocks piled or squeezed together, stretching out to sea, bobbing in the waves with many fancy shapes, sparkling and magical, it looks like seals are joking above sea level. Here, visitors can travel involved many types of recreation such as hiking, swimming, fishing, explore… Nowadays, Ca Na has many several restaurants, hotels, motels, restaurants which are easily book online with travel system like Đặt khách sạn, are grown up day by day to serve visitors with fresh seafood brought salad taste like sea snails, grouper porridge, boiled crab, grilled shrimp, steamed fish… At the store also sold many famous specialties such as steamed dried anchovy, garlic, fish sauce. Especially at night, the beach become more beautiful and quieter, the whispering sound of the waves mixed with the rustling of the leaves that made Ca Na to become romantic and charming. Overlooking the distance, visitors will see a small island shaped like turtles emerge at sea, it is Lao island, where many seabirds on clustered and where the rest stop of fishermen in Phan Rang and Phan Ri. The beauty of nature combined with the beauty of culture, especially food culture has created for Ca Na became a tourist paradise in Central of Vietnam.