NSW eTendering is an online tendering system used by NSW Government agencies to make available information about tendering opportunities.


As required by the Government Information Public Access Act, they are publically available here on eTendering.

If you have any questions about a contract award notice, use the contact details provided on each listing.

Detailed schema definition for E-tendering API

Contracts Register Search – A contract award notice is a notification of the existence of a contract between a NSW Government organisation and a private entity.

Standing Offer Notice Search – A standing offer notice is an offer from a potential supplier to provide goods or services under set terms and conditions, which may include an agreed price. No contract exists until a NSW Government buyer issues an order or 'call-up' against the standing offer, and there is no obligation to purchase until that time.

Procurement Plan List  – Before the start of each financial year, all NSW Government accredited clusters must publish an Agency Procurement Plan. For other agencies publishing is advised, but not mandated. While this information may be useful for business planning, it's important to remember plans may change. An Agency Procurement Plan is not a commitment to buy goods, services or construction.

Request format 

Search requests for Procurement Plan, Contracts Register and Standing Offer Notice returns a paginated list if 15 results. The input requires a "startRow" parameter, which will return next 15 records starting at the value specified by "startRow" parameter.

Detail requests for Procurement Plan, Contracts Register and Standing Offer Notice returns a detailed object for a particular contract. The input requires a unique id, which can be fetched from the result of Search requests.

Response format 

Detailed schema definition for E-tendering API

HTTP 200 response is returned for success, 404 if search text misses, 500 for internal server error, 400 for bad request (e.g. unidentified contract id) and 401 for unauthorised access.

Data types 

The data types the API returns and accepts are all in JSON values displayed in string format.

The E-tenderingAPI has specific endpoint request limitation to authorised users. We reserve the right to adjust rate limits for any given endpoint in order to improve the quality of service provided to users. Every API consumer will be limited to a number of requests based on their agreement.

The table below shows date, version number and a detailed description of recent changes or modifications done on the E-tendering API. Expected or scheduled changes are indicated in a green colour while yellow is used to indicate completed upgrades or changes.

Recent API Changes
Date Version Description
10-May-2019 1.0 E-Tendering API development portal launched

The E-tendering API is secured with OAuth 2.0 protocol. In order to use our API you must be a registered user with a valid username and password. Access levels on the E-tendering API will be dependent on specific user needs. Please refer to your agreement for details.

Authorisation credential consisting of a consumer key and secret (password) are provisioned to clients for future validation. These are issued as per the users specific agreement with api.nsw.

An OAuth call is required to provide the consumer with an authorisation token that would last approximately 12 hours from the time when request was made. The user would need to send this authorisation token with every subsequent request in order to get appropriate results from the API.

For more information see OAuth 2.0


Detailed information on security of E-tendering API