Privacy Policy

The Department of Customer Service operates API.NSW on behalf of various NSW government authorities. This privacy statement explains how your privacy is protected when:

  • you visit this website
  • you enter information into this website
  • you use the services provided for by this website; and/or
  • somebody else uses this website to make an inquiry about a licence you hold.

The Department of Customer Service and each authority using API.NSW must comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. You can obtain further information about this legislation from the NSW Privacy Commissioner:

Each authority that uses API.NSW has a separate Privacy Policy. You should read the policy for the applicable authority.

Purpose of website

The site provides services that enable secure, fast access to various NSW data sets. While API.NSW will endeavour to ensure this information is up-to-date and accurate, if you notice any issues or conflicting information, please contact us.

The information provided on this site is of a general nature. Any legal information is general in nature and not intended for any specific recipient.

Role of the Department of Customer Service

The Department of Customer Service (DCS) is a service provider and regulator.

DCS supports sustainable government finances, major public works and maintenance programs, government procurement, information and communications technology, corporate and shared services, consumer protection, administration of state taxation and revenue collection, and NSW land and property administration.

As a service provider, the Department of Customer Service operates API.NSW and makes these facilities available to various NSW authorities and NSW citizens. Information you enter into the website may be provided to the relevant authority. The Department does not access this information unless it is necessary when providing a technical service to a NSW authority. Backing up data and investigating system errors are examples of technical services.

Information collected when you browse this website

When you look at the pages on API.NSW our systems automatically record information that can be used to identify you, including but not limited to:

  • IP (Internet Protocol) address of the machine which has accessed it
  • Address of your server
  • Your top-level domain name
  • Date and time of your visit to the site
  • Pages accessed and documents downloaded
  • Type of browser and operating system you have used

Information collected when you create a user account

When you create a API.NSW user account, several details will be captured including your name, email address, contact number, whether your access is for a company or individual, the intended purpose of data you collect via the APIs and specific security information relevant to your environment if your intention is data access for application development.

Access to and alteration of personal information

Each NSW authority has its own arrangements for accessing personal information held by the Department of Customer Service. For further details, you should read the Privacy Statement for the authority that holds your personal information.

If you set up an API.NSW user account you are the only person with access to personal information associated with that account. You are responsible for checking it and making any corrections.

Use and disclosure of personal information

The Department of Customer Service, in its role as the API.NSW website service provider, does not use your personal information (except to provide technical services as described above). The Department reserves the right to make disclosures to relevant NSW authorities or law enforcement agencies where this is required by law or is otherwise part of a lawful investigation.

Requesting a review of privacy conduct

You can ask the Department of Customer Service to review its compliance with legal obligations to protect privacy if you are aggrieved by the Department's conduct - for example if you believe that the Department has contravened the information protection principles in the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

An application for review can be lodged in writing at any office of the Department of Customer Service or by mailing the application to

Department of Customer Service
Level 8. Mckell Building
2-24 Rawson Place

An application must be lodged within six months of the time that you first became aware of the Department of Customer Service's conduct or alleged conduct. You must include an address in Australia, where the Department can contact you.

The Department will notify you about the outcome of the review. You can apply to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal for a further review if you are not satisfied with the findings of the review - or by the actions that the Department takes in relation to your application.

You also have the right to ask a relevant authority to review its compliance with legal obligations to protect privacy - if you are aggrieved by the authority's conduct. You should contact the authority directly to find out how to submit an application.

Updates to this statement

The Department of Customer Service may modify this statement from time to time. This statement was last modified on the 21 November 2016.