Certifier API

Version: 1.0

Updated: 14-May-2020
Users: 102 Latency: 2,125 ms Traffic: 12.6K

Certifier API

Version: 1.0

Latency2,125 ms
Updated: 14-May-2020
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The Building Certifier API has been developed to assist councils, accredited bodies corporate and private certifiers to submit data, from the appointment of the principal certifying authority for each building work through to the issue of the occupation certificate.

API overview

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Rate limits

The Certifier API has specific endpoint request limitation to authorised users. API.NSW reserve the right to adjust rate limits for any given endpoint in order to improve quality of service provided to users. Every API consumer will be limited to a number of requests based on their agreement.

Rates for API calls

Account type Services Action
  • 10000 calls / month
  • standard APIs
  • custom calls / month
  • standard / custom APIs
  • 24/7 email / phone support
  • custom service licensing agreement
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Release notes

The table below shows date, version number and a detailed description of changes or modifications made to the Certifier API. Expected or scheduled changes are indicated in a green color while yellow is used to indicated completed upgrades or changes.

Recent API Changes

Date Version Description
21-Oct-2016 1.0 Product portal launched

Security and authentification

API NSW generates API keys for APIs and enables authentication to your APIs using policies.

Credential pairs consisting of consumer key and secret are provisioned to clients and stored for future validation. These are issued as per agreement with API NSW.

An OAuth call is required to provide the consumer with an authorisation token that would last approximately 12 hours from the time when request was made. User would need to send this authorisation token with every subsequent request in order to get appropriate results from the API.

For more information see OAuth 2.0

Certifier API

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